Notify Taumata Arowai

If tests you carry out show that drinking water doesn't comply with the Drinking-water Standards for New Zealand, you must notify Taumata Arowai and the drinking water supplier as soon as practicable. This requirement applies to:

  • Tests of drinking water.  It does not apply to tests of source water or raw water.
  • Tests of samples from registered or unregistered drinking water supplies.

To notify us through Hinekōrako click here.

You do not have to notify Taumata Arowai if the drinking water has come from a supply that provides water to only one household (i.e. that is a domestic self-supply).

Notification to Taumata Arowai should be via Hinekōrako - our online self-service portal. If you are unable to use Hinekōrako for any reason, please email 

If you consider there is an immediate risk to public health, you should alert Taumata Arowai by calling 04 889 8350.

If Taumata Arowai receives a complaint about the capability, capacity or processes of a laboratory, this will be raised with IANZ to investigate.