Ko wai mātau,
Who we are

Taumata Arowai will take over from the Ministry of Health as the regulator of drinking water for Aotearoa in the second half of 2021.

We also have an oversight role for the wastewater and stormwater systems of Aotearoa.

We are a Crown entity with a Ministerial-appointed board. Alongside the independent board will be a Māori Advisory Group.

Our identity

Our name Taumata Arowai was gifted to us by Hon Nanaia Mahuta, Minister of Local Government.

The name creates an identity for Taumata Arowai. Taumata is used to refer to a summit or gathering of people coming together around an important area of focus. This speaks to the importance of our kaupapa, the bringing together of people to reach a shared goal, and the weight and responsibility to our role as a regulator.

Taumata for us also conveys a high point in the landscape, a peak or stepping stone to a higher place. This speaks to our ambitions for the water services sector improving, over time, with our support, influence, accountability, leadership and protection.

Arowai speaks to the attention to be in the presence of wai. It conveys our focus on wai as a taonga, and our focus to put wai mauri, wai mana and wai ora at the centre of everything we do.

Our kaupapa

We will work collaboratively across Aotearoa, taking our lead from Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Te Mana o te Wai.

Our aro:

  • Providing leadership on the three waters: drinking water, wastewater and stormwater. Holding ourselves and water service suppliers to account.
  • Setting, promoting, advising on, enforcing, and monitoring the national standards for drinking water.
  • Promoting and advising on the national standards, and shining a light on the performance of wastewater and stormwater.
  • Building relationships, trust, and confidence within communities and those we work alongside.
  • Administering and managing in partnership for current and future generations.
  • Lifting sector capability, capacity, leadership and equitable opportunities for Aotearoa in reaching those standards.