Acceptable Solutions

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Acceptable solutions provide drinking water suppliers with a ready-made option to meet their compliance obligations under the Water Service Bill. They apply to particular supply types and situations and must be implemented in their entirety.

These first three working drafts have been developed in collaboration with sector reference groups from various water supply types across AotearoaWe are publishing them to share our thinking with you. 

We are not seeking feedback at this time as there could be further changes to the drafts as the Water Services Bill progresses through parliament. 

We will welcome your input throughout the public consultation process commencing in early 2022.

Consultation early 2022

The Water Services Bill requires that we consult the public on each acceptable solution. We are not seeking feedback at this time. Public consultation on the first three acceptable solutions will be in early 2022. 

We are also preparing guidance to help water suppliers understand and apply acceptable solutions.