Registered supplies

If your drinking water supply was registered with the Ministry of Health immediately prior to 15 November 2021, you will have responsibilities under the Water Services Act 2021.

Taumata Arowai will be contacting registered suppliers to advise how to update registration details in Hinekōrako - our new self-service web portal for drinking water suppliers and laboratories. If you haven’t heard from us by early 2022, you can send an email to with your contact information, the name of your supply and its location.


Your responsibilities will include:

  • Ensuring the drinking water you supply is safe
  • Ensuring the drinking water you supply complies with the current Drinking-water Standards for New Zealand
  • Annually updating your registration details 
  • Proving a sufficient quantity of drinking water to meet the ordinary drinking water needs of consumers who use your supply
  • Drinking water safety planning
  • Taking action to resolve any risks to drinking water safety or quantity. This includes keeping consumers informed
  • Notifying Taumata Arowai in specified circumstances.  This includes when you have, or may have, supplied drinking water that is unsafe or that doesn’t comply with the current Drinking-water Standards for New Zealand.