Register your supply

How to register your drinking water supply and maintain your registration.

If your supply was registered with the Ministry of Health (MoH), you'll need to review and update your contact and supply details. If your supply was not registered with the MoH, you don't need to register immediately and have up to four years to do so.

Registered supplies

All drinking water suppliers registered with the MoH immediately before 15 November 2021 will have their recorded drinking water supplies transferred to the Taumata Arowai register. This migration will happen automatically and will be administered by us.

We will send you an email asking you to review and update your contact and supply details. This process will be phased over time, due to the number of suppliers and supplies involved. We intend to have all currently registered drinking water suppliers and supplies entered into our system by early 2022.

If you haven’t heard from us by early 2022, you can send an email to with your contact information, the name of your supply and its location.

You will need to use Hinekōrako - our online self-service portal to:

  1. create a user account  
  2. verify your migrated data
  3. complete your supply’s registration record.

Our initial focus will be working with registered suppliers to make sure they are able to meet their obligations under the Water Services Act 2021. In our first year it will also be important for us to learn from small, private and rural registered suppliers. We want to understand their challenges and support them to meet their obligation under the Act to submit a Drinking Water Safety Plan or use an Acceptable Solution by the end of the first year. 

Unregistered supplies

Drinking water suppliers who have not previously been registered with the MoH do not need to register yet. You have plenty of time to do this. All unregistered suppliers will need to be registered by November 2025 and have seven years to provide a drinking water safety plan under the Water Services Act 2021.

However, if you are an unregistered water carrier (including any water source that you own and operate) you must register your service by November 2022.

Temporary drinking water supply for an event

If you’re planning an event that requires a temporary drinking water supply, you can either use another registered drinking water supplier, provide bottled water, or fill out the planned event temporary drinking water supplies form to register your own temporary drinking water supply for your event. Please note a new application is required for each event.

Unregistered water carrier service

If you are a water carrier, fill out the water carrier service registration form for your carrier service (including any water source that you own and operate). If you use your own water supply, that must also be registered based on the type of water supply.

New drinking water supply

The owner(s) of a new drinking water supply that is going to start supplying water after the commencement of the Water Services Act 2021 must do the following before starting to operate the supply:

  • ensure the drinking water supply is registered
  • prepare and implement a drinking water safety plan that complies with legislative requirements and lodge a copy of the plan with Taumata Arowai.

The Act will apply in full to new drinking water supplies from the outset. Drinking water suppliers, including supply owners and operators, will need to comply with all applicable duties and requirements accordingly.

Who is responsible for registration

The drinking water supply owner (this can be an organisation or an individual) is responsible for ensuring the drinking water supply is registered. The owner(s) are those people with effective control of the drinking water supply. Some supplies will have one clear owner and other supplies may have multiple owners.

The owner can delegate the registration process to an agent or someone else who may be the supply operator, but the owner remains responsible for the accuracy of what is in the application and maintaining up-to-date registration details.


Guidance for registering your water supply

Read this guidance for information you need to know when registering a drinking water supply in Hinekōrako  the online self-service portal.